School History

At one time, the town of Levant had 13 one room schoolhouses located around the town.  In the hallway to the left of the gymnasium, in the Suzanne M. Smith Elementary school, there is a wood carving depicting one of these one room schoolhouses and students from West Levant in 1920.   In 1957 the Levant Consolidated School was built at the site of Levant Plaza on Union Street.  In 1997 the new Levant Elementary School was built at 169 South Levant Rd.  The school name was changed in 2005 in honor of long time teacher/principal, Suzanne M. Smith.  In 2014 the Kitchen was named "Polly's Kitchen" in honor of long time kitchen employee, Pauline Bigelow.  

                                                  Suzanne Marguerite Smith        Dates of Service:  August 1964 – June 2005

Suzanne Smith was a long time resident of the town of Levant and employee of MSAD 23.  She was active in Levant summer programs, coaching, and many other community activities.  Miss Smith dedicated her life to the education of the children of the Town of Levant.  They were "her' kids and she was so very proud of them and their accomplishments.  Starting in 1964 she served a total of 41 years as a first grade teacher, kindergarten teacher, and principal.

As the principal of the Levant Consolidated School and then the new Levant Elementary School, Suzanne was a great asset to MSAD 23.  Her strong work ethic, her great courage, her positive outlook on life, and her love for children, parents, and staff served as a role model for us all.  Levant was her ‘family’.

The MSAD 23 Board of Directors, with the support of the Levant Community, voted to rename the school to the Suzanne M. Smith Elementary School at her retirement in June 2005.

                                                                       Pauline Bigelow        Dates of Service:  August 1971 – June 2014

On Thursday, November 6, 2014 the SES Kitchen was officially named “Polly’s Kitchen” in honor of Pauline Bigelow’s 43 years of employment and service to RSU 87/SAD 23.